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Salvatore Giuseppe Sichi


Bandleader, leadguitarist an vocalist Salvatore Giuseppe Sichi has been the driving force behind Bandera Latina since 1998 when he and his sister Silvana founded the band.

A truly virtuoso guitar player who efforlesly blends Flamenco, Classical and Latin influences and incorporates them into one, unique style.

Besides Bandera Latina he's also the leadguitarist and leadvocalist for trio Ritm'O and Gin & Tonic and a partnership with jazz pianaist Rieuwert Catz. 

Salvatore is a sought after teacher who teaches (classical) guitar, tenor Banjo, Mandolin and Cuban Tres.

As a songwriter / producer, he has worked on many songs, for Bandera Latina and trio Ritm'O but he has also released several albums under his own name.

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